Dependent visa

Hi, i working in bahrain and i need visit visa for my wife and son. What is the procedure to apply dependent visa?

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Secondly, it is your employer who has to do it.

Here is the process from LMRA:

Ok thank you
What is reason for rejection pf visit visa?

They don't share reasons.

I applied visa few day before but it reversed and now i wish to apply again.
Could you please tell me is it any possibility of not getting visa again for my second attempt?

You may get it or you may not.  This is not something that is predictable. If the rejection was due to missing documents or similar issues, then there is a chance to get it.   If security rejection, then no chance.  Apply and see.

Ok thank you

Hi Richuz

Can you explain in detail what went wrong for you while applying for the visa?

Actually, i applied all document they need but it was not accepted and the reason still unclear.

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