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Hi everyone! I was scheduled last Dec. 7, 2019 for selection day where I took online assessment (I passed because results known after taking the test) and interview (results after 7-10days). Last Dec. 18, I received an email that I passed the initial process of the application. Any of you have an idea what to expect next? Same situation with me? How long will I wait for the initial offer letter? Thanks in advance for the response.

you received the initial offer letter or did u receive a mail confirming u cleared the interview?
I had given my exam on the 7th as well for computer science ttp.
I have not got any mail confirming I passed, but neither have i got a rejection mail.
I received a call in the second week of december asking if i will be willing to relocate to abudhabi, someone from HR called. A few days back i received a mail asking for my new passport copy. Havent received any updates since last week wednesday,

What subject did u apply for?

Hi, thanks for the response. Never received any updates yet since the confirmation of passing email. Am waiting for the initial offer letter. Didn't received calls like you. Please update if you receive offer letter. Thanks! I applied PE and Health subject.

what did the mail say? Do you mind letting me know the badge number?

Just a confirmation that I passed the initial process of the application. How about you? Received an initial offer?

No I didn't receive any updates, not even a congratulations mail. Did they not send you a number like L 15 something like that?

Yes. Just worried how long will it take before I receive the initial offer letter. You said they called you?

Good morning guys

I was interviewed in August 2019 for MOE TTP business teacher through MOE website. Got the initial offer in September , signed and send it back.
Got the initial offer back again in November 2019 to sign and send back again with required documents.

There hasnt been any reply from them since then. Its been like more than 2 months. Any idea when the final contract comes through ? In my MOE Jobs page it shows verifying profile and documents even now.

I was interviewed the same date as you for english ttp and I knew that I passed the assesment and the interview with success but never received a reply...they told me that I have to apply again when the sux months period is expired..maybe you lose your chance if six months are over

I did get the initial offer. The send it to me 3 times. I send it back again 3 times with the required documents. the latest one was in November. Then no reply from them. Said still under process. There is no way to follow up as well.

Got an update. They mailed me today asking for updated IELTS Certificate. Have to write the exam again as my previous scores have expired.
Anyone here got any updates ?

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