A tip to Remodeling, redecorating and purchasing services in Bulgaria.

I have built a 110 unit Condo, remodeled a penthouse and build a wonderful Villa and know the ropes.   Don't learn by mistakes.   Reach out on this forum and get ideas from others. 

1.  If anyone offers to assist you in your purchases be sure that they will get a 20% kickback.   You will save 20% by doing homework and completing material purchases yourself.  This is for everything--Insurance, auto repairs, furniture etc.   This is a way of life.   Once someone provides this service for you he will believe that you can only purchase through him and will contact all suppliers and claim you as his client.  Deal direct and ask the person if they are paying any kickback.   Then demand to see the invoices.

2.  Lock up everything--the person you hire knows the location and where the key is.  He will engage in the national sport of stealing your materials and selling them back to the supplier.   Guaranteed!

3.  Do not count on the Police, the Bulgarian is favored and you are considered a foreigner who is a liar.

4.  Do not give anyone a credit card.   Better to get cash and pay in cash demanding the best price possible.

How sad for you that your experiences have shaped your views in this particularly negative way.  However, in our time in this country (admittedly mostly in rural cities, towns and villages) we have found the local people here to be warm, friendly, generous beyond their means and, more pertinent to this thread, honest and trustworthy!  I'm not for one minute suggesting that their aren't shysters out there (of course there are) but they are certainly no more prevalent  -  nor sophisticated, cunning and unscrupulous  -  than those that abound in many of the more 'westernized' countries that we have been to (i.e.  UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy in particular, and our own homeland of Australia).

In our experience here, one needs to be no more wary, vigilant and sensible than they ought to be anywhere else...


I would absolutely agree about the small villages and how helpful people are in small villages

That is because there is no place to hide and there is a strong sense of community in the small villages

That is one of the delightful things about Bulgaria

I will still stand by my post and if you are a developer or in a major area that buyer beware is the best approach

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