Christmas Presents?

That time of year again...and I kind of hate it. With very few exceptions I hate trying to think of something actually useful to give some of the family members. We've all been very fortunate and have more than we need and most of what we "want".

I almost wish we would cancel the whole gifting thing. I usually end up with stuff I neither want or have room for. The bad part is when the weather gets nice and they all come out to visit, they are looking for the silly stuff, hopefully, displayed in a place of prominence in the house.

Anybody else come to some type of "family truce" with the whole idea of needing to exchange gifts just because of a date on the calendar? It's not that I'm a cheapskate, but hate to try to come up with things and also the feeling of needing to match $$ value. I think most of my siblings feel the same. I may bring it up at Thanksgiving and see what happens.

What does your family do??

We stopped exchanging Christmas presents with siblings a very long time ago as we're all either established or retired and don't want or need the same useless things year after year.

In our immediate family (parents and adult children), we also haven't been exchanging Christmas presents for about 25 years now.  Instead, all of us give each other gifts throughout the years -- items in the recipients (year round) wish lists, and things which we know would make them happy.  The gifts are never silly as none of us care for objects that collect dust around the house, nor are they treasured because of the price tags.

Some of the gifts we gave or received in the last 25 years were:

- entire bibliography of an author in paperback (then later, in digital format);   
- paying off a debt;
- suitcases;
- photo editing program;
- hydroponic plants and herbs;
- espresso machine;
- VPN subscription;
- airline tickets;
- wine subscription;
- cell phone plan;
- quality time (mother-daughter day, chocolate day, photo walk day ...)
- monthly transportation passes

My children carried that practice into their marriages, and none of their spouses/SOs has ever uttered a complaint about gift-free Christmas.

If it is for you about exchanging gifts dollar for dollar you are missing the purpose. Also when it is too much effort to come up with something special for that special person or family member.
We are also members of the "have everything club". The beer fridge is crammed full of daffodil bulbs who are happily chilling. Beats another diamond:) It does not take much to make someone's eyes sparkle. Try it. SO handed out chocolate Christmas calendars at work instead of the anticipated cards with initial. Total success across the board. Last year SO got socks. Yes, socks but with little critters on it which are not only his last name but also his totem.

The one exception is if I know someone collects something specific, and then if I find a neat example of whatever it is, then that makes a good gift. But overall I don't go looking for 'gifty' things that have no practical use. The best example of that is advanced tools so I am spending the money on useful things.

You could always plant a tree for someone. That is a gift that truly keeps giving.

Ciambella :

- entire bibliography of an author in paperback (then later, in digital format);

I hope none of your family are fans of Enid Blyton.

We don't make gifts any surprise anymore. I and my sister are asking each other's wishlist so that we get what we want not what we don't want or need.

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