Address problem for US social security 7162

I lived in Vietnam for many years and left a few months ago, now moving around countries looking for a new one.

My address on file with the SSA is my former address in Vietnam.

I may wander around countries for quite a while before dropping anchor.

SSA emailed me the 7162 and wants a quick answer, they say they sent a 7162 via snail mail but I didn't receive it.

Do any of you have first hand experience where you do not have a permanent address but must submit the 7162?

Any help appreciated

@Grik WorldNomad

Hi there..

If you're anywhere in the US territory.. please go to any local SSA office.. you may need an appointment as well as you need to carry original SS Card with a state ID with latest address. However if you aren't anywhere within the US, please call nearest US Embassy or Consulate and explain the situation, they may be able to help you.. 🙏

You can also opt not get snail mail on their website.. and get everything in email.. please check that as well.

SSA may not deposit SS benefits to a non U.S. based financial institution however you can always opt to transfer from your checking or saving accounts to a foreign bank.

Best wishes on your endeavors.. 👍❤️

Take care.. 🙏

Proof of life forms.

SSA has determined that postal disruptions

in most countries have been resolved .. so

the agency is again sending out the proof of life

forms that Expats were normally receiving

every other year to fill out and return.

The requirement to send in the forms was

waived during the intense parts of

The Situation.

The problem facing Expats in my adopted

country, Ecuador, and possibly others .. is

that postal delivery service is unreliable or

(in Ecuador) moribund or 'kaput'.

It would be fine with some of us if SSA

would enable the filing of these forms

electronically instead of having Expats

try to ensure prompt return of completed

forms to one of the SSA postal box in

Baltimore, Maryland.

If in doubt as to whether your benefits

may have been suspended temporarily,

check your bank balance and follow up

with SSA if the benefits aren't coming in



@cccmedia Several years ago I elected to receive messages from SSA only electronically, i.e. no more using postal services.

Does that process apply to the 7162 as well?  If you also opted to receive electronic updates only, how did you receive the request to complete 7162?

Proof of life.

My personal proof-of-life strategy (re SSA form 7162)

is to send it in every other year as originally planned,

regardless of what I receive or don't receive from

the agency.

With Ecuador's postal service currently moribund or

worse, I don't receive the 7162 in snail mail. 

I have found it easy to download and print the form

off the SSA website.  I last signed it and send it in

via USPS when I was completing my 2020-21 visit

inside the USA.  If one is outside the USA, send it

in electronically if you can figure out how to do so,

or find another secure way to get it to the SSA address

in Baltimore or Pennsylvania.

cccmedia visiting Santander, Colombia

Many thanks.

This is my first time with the 7162.

February 1st SSA Manila ( I lived many years in Asia until recently) sent an email stating they had requested my 7162 a few months prior, and I should complete and send it immediately.  I hadn't received any request, neither via email nor by post.

(I'm still confused as to whether they send ALL correspondence by email if we opt out of paper delivery via post.)

I mailed the form two days later via registered mail and the Manila office received it February 7.

On a whim I checked my SSA account the other day and was dismayed to see my benefits have been suspended.

Of course all attempts to call them have been fruitless, just the same as with the US.

Very upsetting to say the least.

BTW, SSA only accepts original, signed forms.

Many thanks