Having a Baby in the U.S

Hi , i am planning to deliver my baby in US but i need some informations since it will be my first time there .

I want to know the cost of renting a small appartment , and the cost of the delivery and the hospital fees if i dont have inssurance . i heard that some american families can rent one room from their houses as a sharing which will cost more less.

i need to know also , the better state to go because as we know there is a lot of states their ... and i want to know which one of them is better and not much expensive :)

i really need help from you guys pleaaaase , because i am on my 3rd month , and i have to clarify everything before the 7th month as i have to travel on that time.

thank u sooooo much
waitttting for your reply back :)

Hi ZAKMIROU, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

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Why are you coming to the US to have your baby????

With no insurance you can count on a bill in excess $2000-$3000 for one day of hospital care, celivery, and physician's fee IF there are no complications and delivery is normal (no C-section).

Bob K

To answer your questions, first i would say that moving to the US, you should do research online to find which place will be best suited for you, but if i have to say i would probably recommend you to look into Southern states such as Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee because the cost of living have always been cheaper than other parts of the US, but also most parts of the Midwest are now making comeback in the economie you can probably find cheap housings, good health plan and a dissent life ... good luck to you and your baby.

First I wanted to say that I am being sorry to be mean, at second thought "No".  Are you a US Citizen or have rights to live in the USA legally??

If not, what you are planning is not legal.  People who live legally in the US have priority.  I don't want to pay for the delivery of your baby!!!

if that baby's still gestating, the OP must be an elephant or something- she was writing more than 2 years ago!

Ironically, the baby is now looking for information about moving to other countries.

Hi, Iam French, and i had a baby in Florida ! He was a premature baby, and had some health issue from day 1( now he's doing very good !!), i started receiving bills for the delivery and all the prenatal care ... 39 000 $ Welcome to america ! But i had an insurance that approved us a little late, so we don' t have to pay anything but keep receiving the bills that's scary !!!

Nobody said being born in the land of the free was free.

Wait a minute you got billed for services you received and your are upset...umm.  Do they do they not charge for services in France.  If so how do I move there?????

Bob K

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