moving to USA from Saudi Arabia. need help

Can any one help me
I need to move to USA to start a new life
am fitness trainer my husband too
with 2 kids
we are Syrian live in Riyah ksa
I need info about where to start
the cost
the best way to get visa
should we ask for working visa
or tourist visa

What is the easiest way to move and get to the USA
and please tell is America a dream or can I get there easily

If you want to move to the US you need apply for jobs in the US and apply for a work visa. If you apply for a tourist visa & overstay they ICE (immigration) will deport you when caught.

Start by going onto and search jobs as well as post your CV. Depending on where you live in the US it is much more expensive then KSA. You may also want to research where there are already Syrian communities in the US as that may your transition a little easier. Pubilc eduction is free, but you will be required to pay for your insurance & medications (3 -4 times more than they are in KSA at least).

Definitely you need to make an appointment at the US embassy in Riyadh to ask about immigration to the US and what are your options (with Syrian passports you may have different options).

Click on the Visa link in the upper right of this page for lots of info

Bob K

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