Travel Insurance

Hi, I have recently relocated to New Jersey from the UK.  I am booking trips within the US, flights back to the UK, and plan trips to the Caribbean etc. whilst here.  I was looking to buy an annual travel insurance  but am struggling to find one that will cover me as a non-citizen of the US but a resident of the US.

Has anyone any advice please?

Thank you

Yes, this is a common problem. A great solution for it is the Diplomat America plan from Global Underwriters. I hope this helps you. Andrew


Thank you for the advice - very appreciated!


Don't go with annual insurance it will take time and you may feel some hassle. I always use AXA for travel insurance. But here's a list of travel insurance sites you should go with as I suggest you.

There are travel insurance websites and meeting all requirements that you need. Try to find any good place.  :/

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