Bahrain eVisa Rejection

Just want to share with everyone the recent experience by my family members wishing to visit us in Bahrain for few days in December.

So my Brother applied for visit eVisa online, for himself, his wife and daughter. The visa of his wife and daughter got approved in 2 days, but his visa got rejected (even though the documents were complete and in order, i.e. passport, confirmed return ticket, hotel reservation and bank statement).

Alongside, my sister also applied for the visa for herself, her husband and 2 kids. Same case here. Her visa and children visa got approved in 2 days but her husband's visa got rejected. All documents were complete and in order.

Not sure how the visa processing officer looked at these applications. Approved for females and kids, and rejected for male members of family, knowing that the families might not be able to travel without their heads of family. Kind of weird.

Did anyone else faced the same issue? If so, how did you tackle it? Anyway, I will try to contact some agent to sort it out. Otherwise travel plans will have to be changed.

It happens.  Visa officers look at each individual adult application separately on it's own merits.

Only option you have in this situation is to find a strong agent to get it through or apply for a sponsored visa for the male applicants.

Thanks XTang.

In the rejection email, their usual response it to contact NPRA via email. I will do that first. If they don't reply within a couple of days, then I will go myself to NPRA in Manama to figure out what went wrong.

If nothing works out, then I will ask my company to sponsor their visit visa. We still have 15 days before they travel.

You can send them an email but if the message in the rejection was something like "Your application cannot be completed online" then that is what they will respond with.  Won't give any reasons.

Best option is to get company sponsored visa.

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