Shopping Costs Not Using Multinationals?

As a family we use multinational supermarkets such as Carrefour etc for certain bulk buying of essentials here in Kenya.  Esp household cleaning, bulk milk ( expensive in Mauritius I hear) and specials on promotion.

However for meat, vegetables ,fruit, dried goods and fish we  prefer local markets and will be quite happy to shop where locals shop. It it wothwhile in terms of cheaper? Welike simpler and hearty menus and not imported gourmet delicacies....

Is it for those items? Any details welcome.

during  my holidays in Mauritius , I  found many supermarkets with a wide range of "FOOD SUPPLY "  all around the ISLAND .... and personally I thought they were relatively cheap , even in PORT  LOUIS ,  there was the best ever fresh produce supply , and so , so fresh ... I reckon , once there and you move around your will get everything and MORE ..maybe if any Mauritians on this GROUP , can share the name of some  places ... will help ....

Numbeo puts food costs some 20% higher than Kenya, but Numbeo is an expat  site and so might have only been comparing numbers at expat shops, not for example local markets where Mauritians mostly

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