Cost of living in Mauritius

Hi everybody,

It would be very useful to talk about the cost of living in Mauritius.

Don't forget to mention where in Mauritius you are living.

How much does it cost to live in Mauritius?

> accommodation prices

> public transportation fares (tube, bus etc ...)

> food prices(per month, how much does it cost you?)

> health prices (for those who need medical insurance)

> eduction prices (if you need to pay)

> energy prices (oil, electricity)

> common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone)

> prices of a good menu in a traditional restaurant

> prices of a beer and or a coffee in a regular pub

> price of the cinema

Do not hesitate to add items to this list!

Thanks in advance for your participation!!

House: My house in Grand Bay 3 rooms 2 bathrooms, nice garden, shared swimming pool & tennis courts 20 000 Roupees

Car rent: 10/15 000 Rs

bus: 20 Rs 

food price, one person per month 5 000 Rs

international health insurance: 130 euros per month

energy price : 800 rs per month

internet ADSL 512 1750 Rs

Mobile phone: 300 Rs

Good meal: 500 - 1000 Rs

Beer: 100 rs

coffee: 40 rs

Hi - I currently live in antigua with my fiance but we are considering the possibility of moving to mauritius -
I was wondering what the crime levels are like? Also, from what I gather, cost of living is quite low? More r less how much would a 3 bedroom house with a pool and decent sized garden cost to rent? and to buy? are cars expensive to buy? Thanks!

Crime levels are ok as long as you don't go where you shouldn't go. This said, I never had any problem here.

Cost of living is much cheaper than in Europe, but I can't compare to Antigua. Housing isn't very expensive, you can find a nice house with pool and garden for 30,000 sometimes less if you're lucky. About buying a house, I recently heard about a construction project, house cost 5millions rupees each (roughly 125,000 euros)

A small car costs 300 000/400 000 roupies.

Great! Thank you very much for that! Which parts of the island would you recommend? We are both young - Im in my late 20s my fiance in his 30s - are there places to go out in the evenings? also, do you know any good real estate agents there? we will probably plan on coming out in January for 2 weeks or so to check out the island and we would move there in March / April. Is there a hurrican season there and does the weather get really bad then?

I recommend the North, Trou aux Biches / Grand Bay / Pereybere or the West, Tamarin.

I now one real estate agent I have to ask his number.

The Hurricane season starts in Feb and ends in April.

Send me an email when you'll be here!

Hi Julien,

I am coming there to work and i will be given an accommodation by mu company and on top of that they will be paying around 30000 MUR per month. What do you think are my chances to lead an average life.

Hi, 30 000 MUR is a minimum legal pay for an immigrant (otherwise they don't deliver the occupation permit).

Where would the accommodation be based, how big would it be?

Are you coming alone or with a family?

What would be your job?

What is IGS? (sorry to ask)

30 000 is ok to live here if they include the accommodation but I don't think you will save money if you want to enjoy your stay

You will have enough to move around, but not to save

if you want to rent a car it costs 10,000 mur per month. Health insurance costs around 5,000 mur. Food is 5,000 mur (minimum). 10,000 mur are still left to enjoy!

hi Julien,
Thanks for all the information.
One last thing, how does taxes work there, i mean what is the tax bracket for service class?

I think it's around 15%

15% on?

What is the slab they follow?

Google will help you ;) … 0a7b521ca/

and more ...

hi Julien,

I was talking about an accomodation, that is located near Cyber City, Ebene.
Julien, i went through the taxes things as well.......tell me is up to 300,000 exempted from tax?

Hi there.. We would like to know whether it is at all possible to come over and live in Mauritius, self-employed - what are the red-tape issues?  Also, what does the average english school fees look like?  THANKS!!

Yes it is possible to settle down here and work as a self-employed (that's my current status). You must earn minimum 600 000 Rs per year. (

About the english school I can't help ...

Hi Julien,
I am glad to come across your blog.My 23 year old daughter moved to Mauritius 3 months ago after graduating from University in Toronto. She currently is in a Manager in Training program with Four Seasons Hotel.They are only paying her 18.000 rupees a month with one meal a day included at the hotel ( from an earlier comment you made that is illegal as the min. pay for an immigrant should be 30.000 a month.)She lives close to the hotel in an apartment for 6000 rupees a month but she is desperately trying to find something more suitable as this place has only occasional hot water and is very hot with no air-con. Would you have any connections to somebody who might have a place to rent for her for the next 9 months close to the Four Seasons Hotel( Trou d'Eau Douce)? Your help is much appreciated-Thanks!

Julien.. for self-employed, you should not be earning Rs600,000.. you should be making a net profit of this amount.

The minimum pay that Julien refers to is for new Occupation permit. Else, old permits still exist and you can employ foreigners (skilled labours, and others) having lesser salary than the Rs30,000. This is not in any case the minimum legal condition.

The tax is uniform at 15%, even for companies.

there are basic deductions depending on the size of your family.. up to 4 dependents. Wife and children. There's no use making a 5th baby to get higher deductions.. LOL!

Hi Julian,
I have a degree in statistics would i be able to find a job in Mauritius?

No idea sorry

Ok julian, would u be able to tell me what is the current unemployment rate in Mauritius?
or do graduates have enough jobs in maritious?

There is not much unemployment here.

althaf :

Ok julian, would u be able to tell me what is the current unemployment rate in Mauritius?
or do graduates have enough jobs in maritious?

Apparently unemployment is about 8%, bearing in mind that average income per capita is about $5500 per annum.

Julien :

Yes it is possible to settle down here and work as a self-employed (that's my current status). You must earn minimum 600 000 Rs per year. (

About the english school I can't help ...

Hello Julien,

I have applied for a work permit (as a self-employed) to the BOI a while ago. Can you tell me if it's difficult to get this permit? and how long does it usually take?

Also, the Rs600,000, is that the annual gross profit or net profit you should aim to get?

Thank you so much in advance for all your help you always give us.
Take care.

A while ago? Was something missing in your application? (the most difficult part is to prepare the application / paperwork)

It takes them max 3 days to process any application

600 000rs is the annual gross profit

Hope this helps!

Hello Julien,

They asked me for some more info and I gave it to them. I had to chase them and now it seems I will have an interview with an inspector next week and after that...who knows?? I started everything about a month ago.
By the way, I am also looking for a good (and not too expensive) accountant who could deal with my paperwork, if you know anyone please pass the details.

Thank you again.

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Thanks ;)

Hi Julian, i need all the info i can get on Mauritius, i will be employed, as a health care assistant, and i will be living by myself in Flic en Flac, is it safe for a woman to walk around? Also would my mobile from uk work with a local sim card? Are the mosquitos a real nuisance? Which is the coolest/cheapest market to buy clothes, shoes, etc, are they very expensive? What are the locals like? I hear very friendly, where is the best place to make friends? Tell me more please. Giuditta

Hi it s Giuditta, iam italian, are there any italians redident in Mauritius?

Welcome on board Guiditta,

could you please start a new discussion called "living in Flic en Flac"?

You should also check this page: italians in Mauritius ;)

Hi there,

I'm a EXPAT from India. Presently I'm negotiating an offer from a Company based in Les Pailles. Company will provide me a accommodation (not sure about other details, but discussing it)

I would like to know what is a good Salary to live a reasonable life for family of 3 (myself, wife & 7 yr daughter)

What it school fees cost in English school?
Any Indian schools available?
What could be total cost food for Vegetarian family?
What is Normal EXPAT contract. (Medical, vehicle, furnished house etc.)

Kindly let me know.

Hi MUliving, please read the other discussions, we've already talked about the cost of living and schools ;)

Hi Julien

Its shocking, i thought u were by now Mauritian,

Hurricanes in Mauritius!!! Cyclones, Mate!! ;P

Julien - where do you rent a car at that rate?  I'm paying R24,000 a month for a small car.. are you talking about a long term rental??  Thanks for any advice!

I currently pay 12,000 rs for a small car

Where did you rent that from - which garage/rental agent?  Would be great to find out.. thanks.   
And is it a yellow plate or a black number plate?  I've been told that the black plates are not strictly legal for rental.. but I know that most people rent blac plates longer term and its far cheaper.. thank you!!

Please contact christine25 she helped me to find my car

Hi Al,

I am reaching Mauritius on the morning of 20th Oct and I start work from Oct 21. The office would be in Grand Baie. I would need some help in knowing the places good to stay around Grand Baie. I would be given accomodation for the first one month. Is car a mandatory requirement?
I have seen the property site for the last one month but unless I know what places are good and close to Grand Baie, I am in fix.

Need help please.


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