Saudi Engineering council membership suspended.

@raja1474 My SCE membership is suspended bcox u didn't provide the degree. If i provide the degree will they cancel the suspension of my SCE membership. Please awaiting for quick reply. Thanks

what do you meant by restore membership?

Just upload your verified degree, and they will check it and accordingly give you the membership type.

If it's an engineering degree, you will get an Engineer title otherwise Allied Engineer Specialist

@Numan Malik101 means they will cancel the suspension.

@Numan Malik101 yeah i know that. But when i open the sce site it is not showing the uploading options.

@Iftikhar Ahmad67 If your degree is original and verified by the Saudi Councile in your country, they will not reject it. Today I received my membership card and certificate as well just by uploading my original degree.

@Iftikhar Ahmad67 phone them and ask them how you can upload the degree.

If you don't understand in the first call, redial and ask them again and again. I did the same and got everything done.

I Just Received That My SEC Account Suspended, Don't Know The Reason

Plz Advise What Will going To Happen & What To Do ?

I Just Received Message From SEC, That My Account Has Been Suspended,

Plz Advise For The Salution

@raja1474 HI! My Saudi counsel of Engineering membership was suspended. The reason is " YOU ARE  QUALIFICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR REGISTRATION. HENSE, YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS WITHDRAWN". I uploaded 2 years DTP diploma. Please advise how to solve my problem. My membership is valid until 13.09.2024.

@shaiknayabrasool2 did you solve your problem, I have same problem and same error, Membership is suspended, please reply me if you got the solution to recover the membership or change the profession.

Dear all anyone guide me. I uploaded my documents on dated 21-11- 2023. On 22-11-2023 show on my SEC portal for printing introduction letter and istiqdam letter. But not showing membership certificate. When they will show for printing membership certificate. Because my company want membership certificate for my transfer. Anyone guide me please

@fahidjamal0341 once you applied for SEC it shows temporary certificate for few months. Because saudi council do verification with your university then after verified it will show associated member.

And you must attest your degree with Saudi embassy or apostle and saudi culture. If this is not there in degree certificate then it will get suspended.

Sir I already attested diploma from my technical board , IBCC  and MOFA  in Pakistan.


But why suspend

   SCE.LOCK HOW CAN I OPEN MY ACCOUNT       -@shahsayad33

Calm down and let's find out what exactly your issue.

Click this link -->  SCE eservices , then, click the "Retrieve Log-in Information"

You can also create ticket here --> … ments.aspx

@Numan Malik101 optimum verification- how long it will take?

@Numan Malik101 optimum verification- how long it will take?