tutoring English in Cairo

Hey! I'm Joey, I'm 23 and from California, USA
I've been in Egypt since November 2018
I'm looking for opportunities to tutor English, any advice, how can I get my name out and what should I do and what should I not do?

Hello Joeyhart,

Welcome to Expat.com.

You can start by posting free adverts in the Classifieds section to offer language classes in Cairo.

This could be a good way to spread the word.

All the best,

Team Expat.com

Hi I'm Khaled from egy,cairo can help you to tutoring English here connect with me on private

Advertise on different social media platforms and forums.
If you don't want to negotiate, set your fees; obviously a % of fees will be for transportation coverage.
Because this country likes negotiating, in reality many retailers, services etc have fixed fees.
Be firm.
Remain calm and respectful.

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