I need to work in Cairo urgently (serious personal reasons) THX!!

Dear all,

Recently I got a false promise of employment and I thaught I could be able to move to Cairo by the end of this month. My personal life and professional projects depend on the fact that I can be in Cairo as soon as possible! So you can imagine the plight in which I am now...

I am a French speaker journalist and PR agent. I speak fluent French and I am very good at English and Arabic. I can work as a Press officer in any communication agency or production company. I also work in advertising. I've been working as a journalist for long years. I also worked in Cairo from the beginning of 2009 untill the end of 2010 and I had to be back to Morocco for some serious reasons. Now I seriously need to be back to Cairo and I am doing my best to get an online or phone job interview(that's the way it is between Morocco and Egypt)...

Please, may you help me by telling me if you know any media or production or communication agency based in Cairo that's recruiting for the moment?

Thank you in advance for your answers


I Recommend Vodafone...
http://www.vodafone.com.eg/vodafoneport … 9120663831

Thank you so much, I will contact them but I remember that I was told that they neither need French speakers nor PR agents.
But thanks for your answer !

I didn't say it's the Dream job, it's only something temporary for you...
the fastest way to work in Egypt is to work as a customer service, and vodafone needs french and German natives, so i thought they gonna welcome you, then within the 1st working month, begin to contact the international french school and collages, wish u luck =)

Ah really!? It's a good thing that they need French now!
But I think that they may need resident candidates or I am wrong? :)
Thanks for your kindness and your answers!

truly i don't know =) wish you luck

Hey antigone i do recommend bayt.com

Thanks Shouki!

Try to contact Xceed, the need native french speakers

They said they are looking for residents :)
Thanks for your answer BTW :)

Try to see orange.com as there's a lot of open vacancies

A fake promise can destroy an entire hope
Good luck

Good Luck..

Hi there.

My name is Tracy , a British female living in Cairo now for 15 months.
I am skilled and qualified in many areas but mostly in Tourism and Travel. However, as you know, the situation in Egypt is not good for these industries right now, so when I decided to come to Egypt, I did my training back in the UK as a teacher. I applied online for many jobs, but as with many Arab countries, they require you to be in the country before offering you any work as they like to meet and interview you first.
So I took my chances on the budget I had of 6 months for rent and food, and came here to Cairo.
In Egypt, they tend to operate with the 'its who you know' principle to get work, so once you are here, things start to open up. In my own experience, through meeting people online through sites like Linkedin and chat rooms, I have made many contacts who have assisted me in finding work.
My first year here has been difficult with some jobs being not good, however, after one year now, things are improving very quickly and now I have many offers, not just teaching. If you are flexible and have various skills, it is alot and if you are good at 'selling yourself', as a foreign national, things will be better for you than for an EGYPTIAN.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Hey Tracy is it possible for an American to get a teaching job? I was really lookin for one

Hi there

Do you have any teaching certificates or qualifications??


Hi Delroy

Yes it is possible...do u have teaching certificates?? like TOEFL or something?