Divorcing in Ireland

Hello everyone,

Reaching the decision to seek divorce can be hard. Filing the papers as an expat in Ireland can be as taxing since a good grasp of legislations is needed and the process can prove to be tedious.

Where and how do you apply for a divorce in Ireland? How long does it take for the process to be completed?

If the couple has children, which measures can be taken in order to protect their interests?

Which procedures should be completed so that the divorce is legally recognized in the country of origin?

How is divorce viewed in Ireland?

Being away from one's home country and loved ones, what advice do have for staying strong emotionally and mentally in this situation?

Thanks for sharing your experience.


Cianmo wrote:

Hi there,

Sorry to hear of your circumstances. I am a lawyer in Ireland and I deal with a family law matters.

There is nothing really that I can say that will make the process any easier except that this will probably be the hardest thing you do but the moment that you start talking to a lawyer and getting the process going it will only get easier from then on.

Our family law system in Ireland is very fair but you should get legal advice early. Good luck with it.


Hi Cianmo,

Thank you for your comfort but it does not answer the question at all.

Give us site references or explain the process for a divorce application in Ireland

Cianmo wrote:

Hi there,

The questions regarding the law, the process, dealings with children etc. Are very broad questions and depend on the specific circumstances of every case. I'm not going to describe the law across all of these areas in a post. Here is a link but my advice is to get a solicitor.

https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/b … d_divorce/

Hello Cianmo,

Whatever the country, there are different legal points. And of course, you're not going to give all the information. Because in this case you would lose the financial interest of your profession ...

But the question originally asked by XXX is clear and precise. With bullet points. So it was enough to answer it simply step by step. And not start with being compassionate and then do your commercial advertising ...

Your last comment with the internet link will allow everyone to have a basic understanding of the system put in place by Ireland. however, I note that you have again advertised by implying "hire me it will be easier ..."