So! I plan on marrying this great guy, he's from England but is living in Ireland. I was wondering how things would work as far as getting residency? And I also have a child, would there be anything special I'd have to do with that? I'm from America and I know my dads dad (or grandfather?) is from Ireland, but I don't have contact with that side of the family so that's probably out of the question, or is there another way to go about getting citizenship from a relative you aren't in contact with?

Residency ('permission to remain') is getting tougher all the time. Your best bet is to do research on your family history to prove you can get citizenship as the grandchild of an Irish citizen. I haven't done this, but might be your first stop, or if you know the town or county your grandparent was from here in Ireland there are sources locally here that might be able to help. Whatever you do, make sure you have clear instructions on requirements IN WRITING from Irish Immigration before you hop on a plane, or you could find yourself back on the plane in 90 days or less.