Can i enter irelande and reside there with the asylum i have in Malta

Hi everyone my name is Vera, I'm from Nigeria currently living in Malta where I seek sylum on temporary humanitarial ground.
I need a help from you guys I am thinking to join my partner in dublin who has Irish citizenship.  Would it be possible I use my Malta document and the passport to enter lreland and reside there?
Please fellow I need your help..

Hi Vera,
How are you keeping?!
have you being granted the refugee status in Malta?! Have you being giving a valid travel document?!
If so, you can travel freely to Ireland to see your partner without any restrictions, but I doubt it that you can stay, live and work freely in Ireland, unless you hold an EU passport.

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good afternoon vera.i am presently in Malta.**

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good afternoon vera.i am presently in Malta.**

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