Relocating to Ireland

Hi, I am a South African citizen wanting to relocate to Ireland and I have absolutely no idea where to start. My husband is a Lebanese citizen and our son has dual citizenship. Where do we begin?

Hi again. :)

The Irish Government have a website where you can start; this link will take you there.

You'll need a work permit in order to work in Ireland; at the top of Ireland Forum is a post titled "IRELAND - WORK PERMITS", I'd recommend you read it and check that you have one of the skills required.

I recall from your previous questions that you have a teaching qualification?  There is a  "Teaching and Educational Professionals" section in the "highly skilled" lists, so you may strike it lucky.  It doesn't guarantee you a job, but should you qualify, you can work.

Hope this helps.

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Hi there,

My husband actually has a degree in Physical Education and is a professional basketball player as well and I have a degree in Communication Science. Since, teaching and education is on the skilled list, what would there next step be? How would one go about finding a job in Ireland?

If you read the link I suggested, you'll see that it says for "Teaching and Educational Professionals

Irish Government website wrote:

..... Academics who hold a qualification equivalent to Level 10 of the National Framework of Qualifications in a given discipline awarded no less than two calendar years prior to the date of application for an employment permit, with a minimum of one academic year of  relevant teaching experience, and the employment concerned is in a third level institution governed by the Irish Universities Act 1997 (No. 24 of 1997) and the Institutes of Technology Act 2006 (No. 25 of 2006)

So, assuming you can answer the questions that arise from that statement positively, that's the standard you need to achieve/qualify.  If you do, you can be employed, if you don't, it's rather harsh, but you can't work in Ireland as a non-national Teacher and it follows that Ireland is probably not the place to look for relocation.

I've had a look and Level 10 is Doctoral degrees. Does this mean if it is not a Doctoral degree then one cannot apply or have I misunderstood the framework?

It means you will not be granted a work permit as a Teacher.

How disappointing :( I was so hopeful this time.

Deegs wrote:

How disappointing :( I was so hopeful this time.

Have you considered the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand?

I would absolutely consider any of those options but would I not be back in the same situation as I am in now? Are there more opportunities/possibilities in the above mentioned countries?

To be honest, I don't know for sure whether you have skills that are in demand; but it's certainly worth checking them out.  We have individual forums for all these countries, go and check them out.