Looking to move to Ireland

Hi I'm looking g at moving to Ireland from South Africa i need to know the ins and outs. I'm thinking of sending my oldest son first and then we can follow in time. Life in South Africa is just too dangerous and no opportunities for young people to find work when done with school. 

What is needed how can we as a South African family move abroad. I have HR and extensive Administration skills hubby is a qualified Diesel Mechanic but currently a Service Manager. We are hard working and work to make a life for our children and will love to work abroad and make a life in a safe country. Please help with info thanks

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The Irish Government have recently introduced some specific controls into their Immigration system.  Assuming you are South African citizens with no other EU nationality you can fall back on, to be honest, you will struggle unless you have one of the key skills that the Government have introduced; this link will take you to the Irish Government website that has the details.  I've just had a quick look at the latest version of the list and unfortunately, you don't appear to have the skills they are looking for.

Further, while these skills will give you access to a work permit; they are by nature temporary and while they normally give you the ability to apply later on for long-term residence, there is no guarantee it will be granted, so you could find yourself on the plane back to South Africa at the end of your visa.

Probably not the answer you were hoping for; what nationality were your or your husband's parents?

Hope this helps clarify things for you.

Expat Team

We are born from SA our parents same my granddad which I don't know was Italian but don't know if I can trace that line

Hi - you said in your OP that you were thinking of sending your son first; would he qualify for any of the key-skills on the list?