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Hello everyone,

I recently exited from Riyadh last June 2019 and I still have remaining loan balance left like around 8000 sar. I went to the bank and was able to talked with the bank representative and told them that I would like to pay my loan in full amount using my end of benefits money but then the bank rep told me to just pay it montly so I could still enjoy my money and he told me I can even pay thru hsbc bank. But then I asked that bank rep if my husband can pay in my behalf as per that guy its okay. So when my husband came back from vacation a month after my husband tried paying at the teller he was told to talk to the manager. He went to the manager and he told and explain why he will be the one paying on my behalf since I already went exit and will be in Philippines for the moment to take care of my baby as per the manager he cannot pay on my behalf and should be me only, he was not even allowed to atleast check the reamaining balance to confirm the amount. We tried calling hsbc customer service but they said they are not link with sabb but can do online payment transaction if I will open an account on them. But then the problem with hsbc in opening account to them needs 10,000 sar for advance and 400,000 sar for the premium. I am still planning to go back Riyadh in maybe 2-3 years after, am I gonna be hold in the airport or immigration once I stepped back in Riyadh? Am I gonna be jailed or worst comes to worst? I need answers if anyone can help. Or if you can suggest what to do to pay it. Because I really intended to pay it full but I just got enticed with the bank rep suggestion that was invalid after all. So I can also be free from my guilt of my obligation about this loan. Thank you.

You don't have the SADAD reference for your loan?  Or if you have SABB account were they auto debit your loan, you can just leave there your loan balance.  I know someone who escape and never came back from vacation 2 years ago, the banks just black listed him but never file a case against him.

What will happen if you got blacklisted you cannot open an account on other banks too or only at their bank? Because i am willing to pay it full. I did not even spent all my benefits money because i was doubting about it and my instinct was right. I was avoiding to get blacklisted but then i beleived their stupid customer reps suggestion that was invalid. Maybe they are after of the insurance everytime there is a client that dont pay the loan?

were you able to settle your debt?..

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