Final exit and credit card

Can i go out of saudi arabia with a final exit and i have a credit card balance !!?
And if i could , how i can pay this balance from my country and is it will be a problem for me if i come back with a new visa to the saudi arabia

Q = >Can i go out of saudi arabia with a final exit and i have a credit card balance !!?
A = > Yes

Q=>And if i could , how i can pay this balance from my country.
A=> No
Q = >and is it will be a problem for me if i come back with a new visa to the saudi arabia?
A= > yes

Yes you can have the final exit with the credit card balance and also you can pay the balance money for your credit card from your country.

Do check with your bank in the home country.

you can pay from your country. but you may end up paying more. like first you will have to convert it from your local currency to USD and then to SAR.

I think you can go

Did u reached your country...?

Yes you can go out on a Final Exit, and yes you can make credit card payments from your home country.

You can perhaps take a hand loan from any of your acquaintances and pay for the Credit Card. Later you can pay that person in your own convenience.

Did you reached your country???

Is it okay for final exit with credi card balance? Will the immigration hold me in the airport? Thank you.

Read what other posters wrote.  Your question has already been answered.

Yes, you can go with outstanding balance if the bank hasn't approached the court yet.  But you WILL have problems later on if you don't pay it back.

Thank you for the reply. I paid already my credit card. But I still have a balance of 1k. Because when I was about to deposit. The machine read only 5k, its supposed to be 6k. I press refund but the machine gives back 5k only. The other 1k was eaten by the machine. I am for exit next week. The manager of tahwheel told me they will call me if they find excess 1k in the morning. Im worried what if they wont find it. I dont want a problem with the immigration. I called the hotline already. They told me to wait for 24 hrs then if nothing happens. They told me to call again.

Assalam u alaikum ....

Can u help me? I am going on a final exit from ksa...i have unpaid credit card balance and i have to leave cause they hired someone else on my job position a saudi and thus ended my services. So i have no option but to leave. Please help me ? Im going on final exit and i have family with me.

Did you leave already?

hi . i had my final exit in saudi arabia last dec 2018. since then i didnt pay for my credit card up to now . the sabb sent me message that i will be subjected to POLICE/INTERPOL Case, IMMIGRATIONS & CENTRAL Bank for permanent blacklisting and watch lists. is it possible? can i still have working visa to other country like qatar?

Look it depends on the amount of the debt and the manner in which your issue has been escalated.  For smaller amounts i.e. below 100K SAR, not really.  But you will be banned from Saudi for sure.   Also, how did SABB sent a message?  there are scammers with lists of debtors who also send messages like this to extort money so beware.

Assalamu alaikom. Guys I just want to ask if I can go for my final exit even if I have my Credit on my Credit card. Please I need An Advice Shukran!

I just had a creditcard balance and exit already i am planning to pay my previous balance in my country..  and if there is a chance for me to comeback in ksa i is their any problem for me waiting? . Thank you

Yes, you can. I just got home last 15th April with outstanding balance of 4K only in my credit card. But I paid all my dues such as car, mobile and internet.

Is their any problem for me if im going to take a new job offer and going back to kingdom or i will have a problem

And that was since when?!

Just done with my final exit last january and now inhave anjob offer and planning to pay may balance when i get there again is there any chance for me to pay it when i get there. Didnt pay due to financial circumstances but if i have a job i can. Pay it anyway i have anjob offer already and incan pay it when i get back any problems for me when i arrive in the airport of jedda

Yes you can go back qnd pay it. Just go to your previous bank.

Thank you so much . Is this updated :)

Yes, you can. Provided you payback your outstanding balance and never do it again.

I applied for STC Internet disconnect request and paid the bill in the STC Office, they gave one payment slip and request number, after returning home, Internet connection is disconnected successfully but there is no update on the request as they said Customer care will call in 5 days...more days passed ..what  should I do?

can there be any problem as I am going on final exit  by the month end and there is no due showing on  my account for STC Internet?

If you payed. And there is nothing to worry about.

Hello. Just checking, your employer was able to issue you an exit visa with your credit card balance?

I got terminated because of politics in our company. They fired me for no justification. I am leaving next month and I have a balance in my credit card.

My credit card is linked with my payroll account.

Can someone give me an advise please?

They will issue with exit permit for you. You can go. But if I were you, I will pay it before I leave the country. That is much better that way.

Does the company submits a notice or will they inform the bank that I am going on exit?

You're planning not to pay? I am telling you, pay your bank first before you go. In the eyes of your God and everyone its the right thing to do.

No one will inform your bank. Your company will file and secure your exit permit via absher. This entity will now update your resident status to final exit. Now when you are in your country, the bank will ran after you. Trust me, they will and if they do they will make sure to take 90% of what you owe them. Moreover, you will be banned on working back for KSA. (That is if you have a plan.)

I have inquiry:
My credit limit of my credit card is intact (no unpaid bills) and my personal finance loan have a balance of 2,500 SR but I left the payment on my savings account since i don't have time anymore to visit the bank to pay the remaining balance since it is close on weekend. My question is, will the immigration stops me from going exit at the airport?
Prompt response is highly appreciated. Thank you

Hi newborn. Is your credit card linked with your company's payroll account?

No, they are not linked with immigration. 
Immigration will stop you if you have pending case.
Banks may file case against you if you failed to pay them for at least 3 consecutive months.

What if my credit card is linked to my payroll?

Do companies inform banks that their employees are filing an exit?

You mean your credit card is linked to your bank account?  Company is not informing banks if your are applying for exit.  So far, I have a colleague who just recently went back to Philippines last month.  He manage to get final exit before he proceed clearing his loan with the banks.

Please guys give me some ideas or help, i am working as nurse under MOH/HOP, now many of us stop to work the problem i have remaining loan 2years to pay and credit card, it is possible that they will hold me in the airport, because in my hospital they need bank clearance i cannot pay, i dont have enough saving..please help me.i wan to pay my balance if apply again and come back here

Can you please tell me that if there is any pending case in the court and status showing under process and court not make any order till now .in absher there no report about this case and only showing case details in moj and status is under process. In this circumstances we can go for exit re entry or not. There will be any problem in immigration or not. Kindly reply

anyone who was hold here in the immigration and were not able to take the flight for the unpaid loans?..

Hi Apolec!
I paid my unsettled loan last August 29, 2019 but the payment was entered by the teller in my personal account instead of entering it in my loan account. I checked my status in Simah and the money was not entered as payment. The bank said that they can not transfer the money to my loan account as payment because my money was frozen. They advised me to call phone banking services which i am doing almost everyday but nothing happened.

The money is there but can not be withdrawn as well. What should I do????? I want to be cleared in Simah but how?

Please i need your advises and guidance! Thanks in advance.