Travel Ban due to Bank Loan

Hi there,

I have to give details so please be patient sir.

I was working in a company and took loan from Samba bank i.e. 175000/- in total with interest is 238000/- with an installment of 3850/-. I was paying it regularly for almost two years then i lost the job and got stuck with some establishments where i did not get a salary etc. i have changed 2 kafeels in the past almost two years. Now when my four installments were short, the bank put a case on me and i received messages from MOJ and MOI. First MOJ message was to tell me that pay the rest of full amount to the bank i.e. 146000/- and after a month or so i received message from MOJ that there is travel ban on me, its been three months now that i received that message. My current status of the bank is i have no outstanding amount as of today and the total is almost 114000/-. My iqama is expired since four months now also. I am living with my family with two school going kids.

My question is, i tried hard to get a job to settle these problems, now i am getting a job Alhamdulillah but i am worried that i will face issue in transferring to new company. The bank said once they see my salary transferred to the bank from payrol system they will remove the case in three days. So, please tell me is it possible to transfer to new company having travel ban and expired iqama?

May Allah bless you for this guidance.


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