Visa for my son, who is born in antwerp Belgium


I have been living in Belgium since feb 2003
I have an Indian passport and a Belgium D.Eu card

My son was born on 16th July 2012 in Belgium
He got a white card valid for 2 years which was renewed again and valid until feb 2017

However my wife and me separated in May 2015 and she left back to india with my son

His white card expired while he was still in india and was never renewed in feb 2017

We got divorced in Jan 2018 and she got custody

However she is now willing to hand over custody and I would like my son to come live with me in Belgium

I do not know if I have to apply for a family reunion visa for him with the Belgium consulate in india or is there a different category of visa or do I approach district house in Belgium to have his white card renewed

I am confused and do not have clarity as to how I should proceed and the time frame + documents I would require

Please advice

I'm 99% sure that you won't be able to renew his foreigner id card if he's not in Belgium anymore.
They must check the pictures and that your son is still in Belgium living with you at the same address... but ask the embassy/town hall. … etour.aspx
(In french, sorry)

Your child left Belgium before 5/10 years of stay in Belgium, so he's not eligible for a "return" Visa. (very simplified visa...)
So... you will probably need to do a family reunion visa to get your boy with you.

Contact the embassy in Mumbai, they'll tell you what to do.

You might also slowly think about asking to become Belgian... if you know enough Dutch/French or German... to be eligible.
Being a Belgian father will help you a lot, and simplified things a lot... (even if it's not required, but in both situation it will takes a lot of time!)

As long as you are working and getting enough money (1500+), everything should be ok.
It will just be a long wait....

Good luck!

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