Does Employment Pass category 1 gets cancelled after marriage


This is regarding immigration policies.
Have read that foreign temps are not allowed to marry.

Does EP1 come under foreign temp?
Above RM10000 considered as EP1.

Want to marry local Muslim girl. Religion no issue.


Professional EP holders can marry. It is only foreign workers that can't do so.

Its complicated getting a spouse visa and maintaining your job. Check this out carefully before deciding to change.

FSSGMY is a group on Facebook and depending on which State you live in the prevailing rules.

Appreciate your quick response.

Many thanks

Here's the link

Check out examples at the different Immigration Offices to see how if possible to get your EP relaced with a spouse visa plus an immediate permission to work endorsement 6 months after your marriage takes place.....

Careful research is vital


One more question regarding conversion.

Javi has replied 'Please provide a Statutory Declaration of religious status from your embassy.' in addition to witnesses and ID documents.
Is this certificate from Embassy required?
Its for Kuala Lumpur residents.
For Cyberjaya we need to go to Selangor Islamic Religious Department?

Yes all foreigners have to comply and go through their embassy. Foreigners need permission to marry. They need a single status certificate stamped by several authorities

You also need to go through the marriage course and medical I recall

Check FSSGMY for their guides available under the "Notes" section

If Cyberjaya is under the Shah Alam immigration office check their specific requirements. I'm not sure which immigration department services that location. I think JAIS is the Islamic authority for Selangor

Perhaps your girlfriend can check with Sisters in Islam as well who can advise what paperwork local women need to provide

Many thanks. This clrifies.

About conversion attendance at classes is required I believe but JAIS can advise

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