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Good day everyone, I am having a serious issue at hand. I have gone through a lot of hard time from the hands of my boss to the extent that I want to go back to my country. Have already worked for him for 1year now but he said I must pay him 600Rial if I want  to go for my visa and flight. please I need to know what to do because am tired of working with him and I just want to .leave.

Hi Donpresh,

Any expatriate employee who is facing issues with his / her sponsor / employer must do the following :

(1) Go to your country's local embassy and report about your case furnishing the documented details and other data. If your country's embassy or official representation is not in Muscat, then you can do the following,

(2) Report about your employer in the Ministry of Manpower's website. You can also go directly to the Ministry of Manpower in person and lodge a complaint,

(3) Report about your employer's actions to the Royal Oman Police (ROP) station that is nearest to your place of work. Again documented evidence of the atrocities would be helpful in strengthening your case,

(4) And lastly, do not try to resolve the issue by yourself as you are sure to fail. Seek official help and assistance and authorised / legitimate means of recourse only.

I have laid a complaint in ministry of manpower website, and we are called to come tomorrow to the office for hearing by 10am.Unfortunately, my country has no  embassy here in Oman but by tomorrow I will go and see the outcome ,I.mean what there ruling will be.

Hi Donpresh,

What you have done is the best thing to do.

Make sure you have all the documented evidence to produce in your support.

Do not expect that the issue would get resolved in one sitting. It might take longer.

Good luck with your meeting tomorrow.

thanks for your concern

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