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Hi all,
I am a single male from England who has been offered a maths teacher position in United Private Schools in Muscat. I am wondering if anyone can provide some information about the school, accommodation, facilities etc. I read some horrific stories about the school and management but I want to make sure I have enough information before I commit .

Any information will be appreciated , many thanks


Dear Berkee,

Whatever the horrific stories you have heard are absolutely true. Children of one of my friend are studying there and the parents have already decided to take them off, Its one of the most mismanaged school among the private sector

Dear Berkee,
Unfortunately, I worked for UPS from Aug-June 2016. I was one of the very unhappy teachers  (not one teacher was happy) who had the misfortune of moving to Muscat from the UK, with all the emotional upheaval that entailed, only to realise that UPS is nothing more than a money making, corrupt business.
The facilities are substandard and the senior management team is a joke! The owners have no teaching experience and threaten teaching staff constantly with deportation, if they speak out or disagree with their corrupt vision of how a school should be ran/managed.
British teachers are used as a front to give the schools credibility as International teaching establishments.
I could write all day telling you about the horrific experiences I endured whilst there, but suffice to say that all the horrific stories you say you have read are true.
I deeply regret accepting the position and it has taken me a long time and months of therapy to recover!
Don't do it, for your own sake. There are better and more rewarding schools to work for in Muscat.
All the best Izzie

Izzie, I have signed a contract to teach English at a school of UPS in Muscat.  I was wondering if you have a facebook page i could connect with to talk with you by private message in order to inform me about what to expect.  Would that be possible for you to let me know, and Ill get in touch right away.  Cheers, Chris.

Hi there, I have an interview for UPS in Muscat today and if offered the job, what salary and accommodation can I expect? I did teach in Kuwait for 3 years so I'm guessing my accommodation can't be any worse than there! ?

Any ideas anyone??


Don't work there! I left last year after just one year of my contract. It doesn't seem to matter which of the branches you work at. They are all terrible. Poor management and bullying tactics. Many teachers 'run away' mid contract due to poor working conditions. All take and no give from UPS. Many more MUCH better schools in Oman. I liked Oman and was sorry to leave.

Hi any body out there can give me advice. I have been offered a teaching job at UPS. I already accepted the offer. I read the reviews.  I am worried now. Can someone tell me about UPS

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