After cancellation come back in oman

Dear All,

any buddy tell me how can i come in Oman after cancellation without NOC. I am just living in Oman Muscat 2 months and some days because cheating with me agency and sponsor person about job offer letter. please provide me a details i want to come back in Oman in New Company. Before i was worked in nasim ibra trading company this company is very cheap and non follw the labour rule and harassed the employees. in this company have own rule not follw the omani labour law rule. So i want to come back in Oman for new job and better company.


Muhammad Usman

Hi muhammad.usman.0999,

If you have exited Oman by cancelling your employment visa - and without your last employer's NOC, then you would not be able to return to the Sultanate for a minimum period of 2-years, from the date of your departure.

I would urge you to please read the numerous other posts in the forum on the very same subject. You can gather all the information that you would need to know.

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I can Help you  :cool:  :joking:

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