Employer not paying/Holding Final settlement to employee!

Dear All,

I would like to share one of the situation of a friend of mine working in Oman. Recently he was terminated from his services and was asked to leave by end of this month.He is in the process of handover and clearance ,Today his manager has called him and told him that his group director has asked the company to hold his final settlement till the pending are cleared when all the pending works have been handed over to his manager. Can an employer simply hold an employees settlement and send them without paying?Can the employee fight for his right? Please advise.

Hi km.imran,

An employee cannot be forced to exit the country without handing over the final settlement. If there is any dispute between the employee and the employer on the same, then they must refer it to the Ministry to resolve.

Any employee who faces such a situation is free to complain to the Ministry of Manpower and to the representatives of their country's respective embassies.

Thanks for the reply Mr.Sumitran

The company seems to have held major part of the final settlement.the employee not getting even a month salary ,no gratuity.no leave salary and not even the notice pay as promised by the company and the hr is forcing to leave as the ticket is booked.have refused to leave and we have lodged a complain in ministry of manpower online for unfair dismissal and not payimg settlement.MoM have given a date on 19of april for investigation.now my question is will that be notified to the employer as I had got an sms and a mail from MoM about the date.Also will the company fail to respond to the date what will happen.can I also complain to indian embassy? Please advise.

Dear imran 
  Did  you  get  the  clearance  now? I'm in the same  situation  please  help  me  out  here,  my  employer neither  settling  my dues nor  giving  me  ticket. I don't  what  action  should  I take  place  in  this  case. He has  hold my  settlement since  last  15 days. So  please  help  me  if  there  is  any  law  to  get  my  clearance quickly.

Hi Chandra Pal,

I did get my settlement which they held. The company HR was begging me to remove the complaint and i told them i will only cancel my complaint from ministry only when they release my settlement which they did and then i cancelled it.In your case i don't know f they have terminated you it not if they have then they need to settle your dues in 2 days Max if they don't them login to online ministry. Website and register your complain. And see how things work your way...these employers think they are big until thr ministry puts bamboo in their backside...don't worry just log a complain in ministry and am sure your dues will be settled.

All the best..be brave

Hi friend
  Thank  you  so  much  sharing  your  experience  and  explaining  nicely. 1 question to  make, how  soon  action  was  taken  by  the ministry  in  your  case.  Because  in my  case  company  is  delaying  my  clearance  since  last  2 week. My  contract  is  not  yet  complete, but  company  has  terminated my  services  due  to their outlet  which is closed now.

Once you lodge the complain online you will get a hearing date two weeks from the date of submitting your complain. The two weeks are given if the company changes their decision and gives you your settlement or they will meet you in the given hearing at the ministry.

hi imran
Thank you  so  much  to  helping  me  out  here.

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