Regarding Saudi Culture and Embassy Attestation

Dear Gentleman

My name is SureshBabu from Chennai and i submitted my orginal degree certificate to SACA on JAN 24th, but still i am not received my attested certificate to me. It will around 1 month and 2 weeks is completed. My agent told me that, WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING AND WAIT TILL THE PROCESS IS COMPLETED.

Can anyone guide me how to fastup my attestation.

Thank you

Dear Suresh,
Even i have submitted my degree on Feb1st but havent received yet. Currently there are some server problems in New delhi embassy and is the reason for delay. However your agent can gove you a ref. No of your file to track it from university.

Thank you for your reply Naresh

My agent didn't gave any reference no to me. Can you explain what is it?

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Send me your no on ***

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My agent says the saudi culture is done and embassy attestation is pending. He says he needs 2 weeks minimum to get the attestation done. Somehow my university verification was done on feb 20th. Despite JNTU being the only university which has online verification for degrees yet 45 days already passed. Still waiting .. Can anyone tell how much time Is required for only embassy attestation?

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