Transferring dependent visa to Investor visa in Bahrain

One of my family members above 18 years old is holding a family dependent visa. I have already completed the formalities with MOICT to include the name as an investor with some share transfer in my company. Now  I want to get the investor visa in my company. I am told that first I should go to the Immigration Department in Al Hoora and cancel the current dependent visa. After that, I should apply through LMRA system for a new work permit within a month. Is it the right procedure?  Somebody says I can cancel the dependent visa in the LMRA system itself and apply for a new work permit ( Investor visa). I am thankful if somebody clarifies on this procedure.

If you have access to EMS system, then you can cancel the visa in it and then apply in it as well. 

However, the dependent visa needs to have been through LMRA for that to happen.  Over 18s is through immigration and not through LMRA.  This means that you need to cancel it with immigration directly. 

Once done, you can apply for investor visa through EMS.

thanks a lot.

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