Do I need a transit visa at UK - Heathrow Airport ?

Hello All,

Do I need a transit visa at UK - Heathrow Airport while traveling from Belgium to India for a short period?

I am an Indian citizen but working in Antwerp, Belgium on B type work permit. I have a Belgium resident permit ( not visa ) and I am planning a short trip to India for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, there is no direct flight to Mumbai from Brussels in April. I am planning to book the connecting return flight via London which is more convenient for me but I am not sure about the transit visa.

Pls share the experience if anyone has already traveled via Heathrow Airport to India.

Thanks in advance.

Well, if you need to pick up your luggages to register on another fly at Heathrow and/or leave the international zone, yes, you'll need a visa...

You should call the embassy of UK in Brussels. They'll give you the right information you need.

Indeed, and worth checking with your airline to be doublesure. Based on what I know if you have an electronic residence permit card issued by an European Economic Area (EEA) member nation, you dont need a transit visa to "change planes" in Heathrow. … re_else/no

Well done Aneeshks.
Just make sure you really are doing Air in and air out of the limited number of airports where you can do this in the UK.
It's known as TWOVing - transit without visa.
The guidance that Border Force staff use at the UK Border are fully open. You can read the TWOV guidance here page 20.
If you are going through Heathrow and in and out the same terminal and baggage is checked though, heck you're not going to even get a chance to get a TWOV stamp. … t-guidance

Thanks, guys for the answers.

I think I don't need a transit visa as I have a connecting flight from the same airport and I have a common format residence permit issued by a European Economic Area (EEA) country ( as per the Exemptions guidelines available on the … re_else/no ) .

Below is the flight details -

   BRU 07:05                    --->   1h 15mLHR 07:20             
   13 Apr' 19, Sat                      13 Apr' 19, Sat
   Brussels, Belgium                 London - Heathrow Apt, United Kingdom


    LHR 10:05                                                        ---->  9h 20mBOM 23:55
   13 Apr' 19, Sat                                                           13 Apr' 19, Sat
   London - Heathrow Apt, United Kingdom            Mumbai, India

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