Austrian tax liability

I'm a dual Australian / German citizen and an Australian resident for tax purposes.  I'm thinking of taking a job in Austria where, as a resident, I would be "subject to unlimited tax liability with their worldwide income".  Austria and Australia have a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation.  Does anybody know how that works?  In particular:

Would Austria seek to tax my pension income which is tax-free in Australia?

If I died in Austria, would Austria impose inheritance taxes on my estate in Australia passing to my children in Australia?  There a no inheritance taxes in Australia.

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I would seek advice from an accountantant. I can tell you this though.

Austria abolished inheritance tax on 1st August 2008. There is currently no inheritance tax in Austria, but a transfer tax of 3.5% (2% for close relatives) is levied on the transfer of the property to the successor.

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