FinanzOnline BMF - how to?

Hi all,

Nice to meet you in advance :-{D

My Deutsch isn't getting any better since about 02 years, oops, yeah, work, work, work and no time to learn like old days.

I need help to fill in the online application of FinanzOnline to get my tax refund/return for the last 03 years ^_^
The best way would be to meet personally in Vienna in some cafe shop and I'll of course pay for the coffee/tee.

All kind of help will be appreciated from any gender/race as long as he/she speaks human friendly language not other than the ones I speak :D, just like the Polish joke, I speak all the world's languages except those I don't speak ;-)

Looking forward for your replies.

OK, I have found some useful links myself:


Deutsch: … g/fon.html