Canadians Applying for Permanent Residency in Mexico

The requirement for gaining permanent residency status in Mexico using the asset option is now... savings and investments equaling $148,866.00 CND.

I don't have enough in savings but if I add my RRSPs to the eaquasion I have quite a bit more than what they are asking for.

Does anyone know if they take RRSP contributions into consideration when looking at how much money you have?

Hi, my wife and I are Canadians that became permanent residents of Mexico in August 2017 and living FULLTIME in Mexico.

For anyone, the Mexican consulate will consider all your assets including RRSP and RRIF.

Also for my wife, both her investments and monthly were less then the required amount but pretty close so they took both into consideration and allowed her the permanent resident VISA. In my case, just my revenues were above the required amount.

1- the actual values are investments $113630 CA revenues $2840 CA … -do-i-need
2- based on the INM law the permanent resident STATUS quotes that your intention is to live FULLTIME in Mexico
3- based on the REVENUE CANADA, you would know need to advised them because you will become a non-resident of Canada, logically nobody can be a permanent resident in two countries at the same time but can have dual citizenship
4- taxation for Canadian revenues is based on the fiscal agreement between Canada and Mexico

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

Thanks for the reply mexicogc.

The financial requirements are so much more at the consulate in Toronto compared to the one in Montreal. Approx. $35,000 more in Toronto. Crazy!!!

Here is the link to the page from the Toronto consulate website

Hi again, I did check and noticed the difference, so what I suggest is that you contact Montreal and Toronto offices and ask them what is the actual amount.

The amount is calculated from the daily wage x 20 if I recall correctly but since the border wage is now double from the rest of Mexico that could be the reason.

Also the Mexican embassy in Ottawa shows the same values as Toronto BUT Calgary consulate shows the same as Montreal while Vancouver is the same as Toronto

Basically, the amounts should be the same probably a mistake in the WEB page updates.

Adios y buena suerte, GyC

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