Living in Rosarito Beach - do we have to apply for residency?

We found a condo we'd like to purchase in Rosarito Beach, however do we have to apply for residency, or can we become virtual tourists and leave the country every now and then. Although we are US citizens, we currently have permanent residency in Costa Rica, and we'd like to avoid going through all the red tape of obtaining residency in a second country. If you have information or experience on this topic would love to hear from you, thank you.
Also, can we fly right into the Tijuana airport or would we have to enter Mexico from the United States?

Hi, we are currently getting our residency as well because we too are buying a place in Rosarito. Short answer is that yes, you are supposed to have a Visa. Which one depends on your stay. Even pets are technically supposed to be registered.

We highly recommend Sr. Jose Amate at He is an American who has been living in Baja for 20 plus years and is bilingual. Let him know that Chuck Evans sent you as he is also helping us buy a condo and ensuring all the proper documentation is done.

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Thank you for your response.

We are currently living in Ajijic Jalisco but are coming to North Baja for a first look in September. I am interested in the Rosirita area because it's close to the border and the main reason for the move is to be closer to our daughter in LA ( even more to be close the our 2 y/o granddaughter). We will buy but I am somewhat overwhelmed with the numerous neighborhoods and where to start. We currently have a nice house which "I" totally remodeled in order to have more modern conveniences. I do not want to do that again but do want some of the same perks. We have a beautiful yard but going forward I prefer something that takes less maintainance.
Any ideas you have would be welcome and I will take down the information you posted regarding your real estate or legal mentor. Thanks, Diane

Hi Diane,

Well, to us, Rosarito basically begins where at Vista Al Mar, B.C.Mexico. There are many nice communities in Rosarito or nearby with both single family and condominium homes. There are many condos located on the beaches or ocean cliffs from Rosarito Beach all the way down to Ensenada. You can also find many options on both sides of the Toll Road depending on whether you prefer being close to the beach, town, or up on a hillside with an ocean view. Many of the available options on the hillsides on the east side of the 1D are subdivisions where many modern style stucco type homes or the like are built or ready to be built on vacant lots.

We have opted for the less or no maintenance side of things and have purchased a condo in La Jolla Real just south of the town of Rosarito. We also liked the fact that the beach in front of our condo is secluded from the Rosarito core beaches as it is blocked by a rock jetty and access can only be made through our complex. If you are looking to be closer to the US, you may want to look at the north end of Rosarito, otherwise I would suggest looking from La Paloma (Carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada Km-28.2, La Paloma, 22710 Rosarito, B.C.,) down to as far south as you like. Ensenada is more of a City so if you are seeking to live more quietly, probably not a good location. We also recommend avoiding the high tourist areas such as directly in Rosarito Beach and Puerto Nuevo.

Things to keep in mind...Many condo associations are broke and several have lawsuits pending, so legal title, even through the Trust or Fedicomiso, can't be transferred until settled...if ever. Do you homework and make sure to have someone fully bilingual help you unless you are yourself.