Young working couple moving to Puerto Vallarta

Hi Folks,

My boyfriend and I are planning on quitting our jobs, selling everything, and moving to Mexico at the end of November. We currently live in Calgary. We've been doing a lot of planning and researching, however we can only seen to find blogs and articles pertaining to retirees in Puerto Vallarta.

Do you have any recommendations for a young couple (We're both 28 years old) planning on moving to PV, and working there?

Or if there are any good blogs you know about that would be great too!

Thanks all!

Hello Louise and welcome to :)
We have several forums on Mexico but unfortunately not yet on Puerto Vallarta. So I'll move your topic to Mexico's general forum for a better visibility!
Maybe you could check out the blogs of Mexico published on, there are quite a few and maybe on Puerto Vallarta?
Hope this helps!

Hello Louise,
there are quite many retired expats in and around PV and the Bahía de Banderas. But recently the PV expat-group initiated regular gatherings and activities of the "younger generation"
There is no website yet, but you can get into contact with this group:

Good luck!

HI Louise,
did you end up moving to PV? How do you like it there? I am moving in April.. my boyfriend is Mexican and I am going to be moving in with him who lives just outside of PV.

If you have any advice or a testimony, please let me know :)


Hey friends, I should update you!! We moved here 6 months ago, actually on November 1st.I have been working as a wedding coordinator and renting vacation rentals, and my boyfriend has been working as a photographer. We definitely make less money here than we did back home, but our expenses are also much less. We have a great little furnished 1 bedroom plus den apartment in El Centro near the malecon. We can walk everywhere! We have actually made some wonderful friends here through a young expat group here. Everything went more than smoothly, and we are planning on staying for the next few years. Oh, and we rescued a little kitten from the street, her name is mittens.
I did so much planning and I was so terrified but once we finally did it, I found everything was much easier that I thought it would be. And there IS plenty work for the young ambitious canadian here!

I am writing a blog about our journey and I would be happy to answer any questions about moving - living here! Viva Mexico!! xoxoxo L

Dear Louise!
I would like to move this year to Mexico with my family my wife and son he's 5 years old and what is your experience abaout findign jobs there. I've been working for a long time as a Graphic Designer in Hungary you can see my website
In your oppinion would be there any posibilities to work as Graphic designer and web?
you know i want to make up my mind the best.

Thank you for help and advise


Hi Louise!
           Glad you are doing will..:)
I will be arriving to Pv in about one week coming from Vancouver. i would like to rent a 1 Bdr furnished in el centro of PV. Reseanable price cose i am semi retired..staying for 6 months. Also wish to work at least as a volunteer in any field, i use to be a  french teacher (25 years). could help with english language as well and Immigration procedures to canada. All the best and thanks in advance for your help.


wow nice, glad to hear you finally made the move to PV and enjoying your life there!

i am just curious as to jobs for Americans?  its my understanding that you have to be able to fill jobs that the average Mexican cant!

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