How Should I Move Furniture Across Border to Mexico?

We recently purchased a condo in Puerto Vallarta and are planning on pulling a 6 ft. by 10 ft. trailer filled with furniture and household goods from the US to Puerto Vallarta. How difficult is it to get the goods across the border even with a Manaje de Casa? I've heard everything from 'I'll have to unload the trailer' to 'I'll have to hire a Customs Broker'. For most of the goods, I don't have receipts showing how old they are or what they cost.

Please share your thoughts or experiences.


Jim and Carolyn

First of all, Where are you crossing into Mexico?  A lot can depend on traditional procedures pertaining to the port of entry.  There are national laws etc. but frequently the customs inspectors simply employ logic and reason.  Really, really do not offer any "lubrication".   If the furniture is obviously used, there is frequently no problem at most garitas aduanales.
     The best way, in our experience is to hire a confidable person with a truck big enough...the person has to have a valid Mexican passport and American entry permit..."sell" him the old junk furniture....then go down and wait for him to arrive at your place in P.V.   These  teamsters frequently will combine loads, so the on-time factor can fluctuate, but they always make it.  You will see  small to medium freight trucks almost anywhere that say "servicio particular"...also ask any Mexican who has been helpful there around P.V.
   Please respond to [email protected] for a more detailed answer.  I live in a rural area in the mountains around Cd. Victoria.


Has anyone hired a truck to go from Texas to Lake Chapala? is there anyone or company they would recommend?

I moved from Las Vegas, NV to Zacatecas last September.  After wrestling with the idea of renting a trailer to the border, clearing customs and then finding a trailer to rent in Mexico (I couldn't find a link in the Internet), it seemed safer to just have professionals do it.  My best contact turned out to be the United Van Lines agent in Las Vegas who arranged to pack me and turn my stuff to a company that specializes in international moves.  Fully insured, it cost $4000 and change.  Everything arrived in perfect condition in about 6 weeks, partly because I had expert help in doing and translating into Spanish the required inventory and valuation.

On the other hand, I probably could have replaced everything down here for about the same price.  But, there were just enough things of sufficient sentimental value to make the move worthwhile.

For moving from Texas to Chapala, check out Strom White Moving

Also on their website are excellent driving directions from Laredo to Chapala/Ajijic area.

thanks. that's a great idea. besides, i love laredo!

winter 2008/9 I asked sea port customs Acapulco about the charge when I bring used household good as a newly arrived Rentista. I was told it might be about 3000 pesos for the lot. Unless you have highly valuable furniture items (your value) consider buying there. There is lots of choice in Mexico City, you just have to find the right road. As usual, similar store crowd together. I would bring my computer, non-electronic musical instrument, pressure cooker, anything that is of particular quality and may be hard to get.

When I moved I was told that if I just bought a truck load (Pickup)that I would have no problems. I crossed at Brownsville. I had my papers checked and move on. No one even looked at what I had in my truck. I went through many Police and military check points and was only once asked if I had a TV. I acted  dumb and said I speak no Spanish. They laughed and told me to move on. The only people who most likely will get checked are those who are moving a large amount of furniture. This is what I was told at the consulate. Of course things have changed since I moved here two years ago with the drug problems in Northern Mexico. Ask where ever you got your FM3. Each place can give you a different answer. Furniture is cheap in Mexico.

We will Be moving from florida to ajijic (lake chapala area) later this year. looking at the cheapest way to accomplish this. if anyone has done this before can you please provide moving company name, contact info and cost? We are so excited. thanks for all your help. Eva

In response to the person moving from FL to MX, I'd love to get your experience.  We're in KW and looking to move to Baja, just below the US border. I'm trying to find what experiences people have had with the entry through San Ysidro/Tijuana, who have successfully done this.   Thanks!

I'm moving from Boston to Queretaro in a couple weeks.  Sold our home in Boston and looked into moving furniture south, but the cost and logistics just didn't make sense.  We ended up getting rid of everything and we'll start from scratch when we arrive.

We're moving in 3 weeks.

@nickandeva     Hello, saw your post abouttrying to move furniture from Fl to Ajijic. I am in the Tampa Bay area and have just started the process. Going to try and see what I can get for my house and then research all the things that go along with it as far as healthcare , financial institutions, shopping and rent. I will probably take a fact finding flight there in a couple of months to see the lay of the land. Have you been there before? What are the pos/neg you have encountered if any.  Right now i am trying to find any and all info I can. Thanks for your time. My email address is [email protected].