How can I prepare for Telc A2-B1 exam

HI, Happy New Year to everyone. Please, did anyone know what material or how to prepare for Telc A1-B1 exam. Has any-one took the Telc exams before?
     Appreciate any response. Thanks

Hello Emmytender 77,
Please go to one of these bfz centres,  you have them around in every city. I passed my B1 with them and they use Telc.

The Volkshochschule or any German language school offers German courses to prepare for such standard exams. And there are different levels known as: A1 or A2 or A2-B1 or B1 or B1-B2 or B2 or B2-C1 or C1 or C1-C2 or C2. Different levels, different things; there is no such thing as an A1-B1 exam (as you wrote in your post). Within these designations there are different courses oriented for immigrants, children, business or medicine.

I am including a link that explains the Telc exam system which partners with the different language institutes and also offers online instruction directly: … ungen.html

One can also find example tests online to help to prepare. He is an example from the German immigration authority: … cationFile

Hi TominStuttgart, Sorry i made a mistake. Is A2-B1. You are right.. The telc (2009) links and Information you drop will help. I will be reading it, and be searching for the current version of Telc Prüfung. Thanks alot

Hi John, thanks alot

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