Student life in Stuttgart

Updated 2019-08-29 12:12

Stuttgart is one of the most attractive cities for studying in Germany. The city is student-friendly, offers great universities, but also a fun nightlife, and the possibility to be in the centre of Europe. Stuttgart has a very pleasant atmosphere and offers the best of both worlds, fantastic nature and quiet places, and late night outs with many young people around. The city has a tremendous international spirit as more than 20 per cent of the students are foreigners, eager to learn in one of the most influential industrial regions of the country.

Student accommodation in Stuttgart

Accommodation is the most challenging part for a student and the least student-friendly element about Stuttgart (and Germany in general). For student budget, rents are high, and sadly, the student housing options are also quite limited. This means that it’s important to search for housing patiently and to look for alternatives, like sharing a flat or finding accommodation outside the city with the option of daily commuting. Wg Gesucht is one of the best options for finding a shared flat, as it daily posts advertisements based on your preferences.

Living costs in Stuttgart

The cost of living in Stuttgart depends a lot on the accommodation type and living preferences. One-room apartments can vary between 850 and 640 Euro depending on the distance from the centre. Shared flats can divide these expenses almost by half. Additionally, monthly expenses for transportation can be around 80 Euros and above, with the option to get an “Abo” which are passes for students. Other expenses for food and home appliances are up to 400 per month.

In Germany, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours while studying. This can be helpful for the international English speakers, as there are options for English teaching lessons, babysitting, working in bars etc.

Nightlife in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a city full of students, but somehow their presence does not dominate. This is mostly because the two leading universities in Stuttgart are in two different parts of the city. The city centre, on the other hand, is a great place for meeting and offers a fantastic nightlife. The Königstraße, for example, is full of places to go out, malls, and expensive shops with fun street artists. Right next to Königstraße are located cinemas, theatres, museums and the opera house, to offer not only fun but also significant cultural life. The whole city offers fun places like cafes, beer gardens, bars and crazy clubs. Additionally, it hosts many concerts and live music events. Stuttgart also has many interesting places to visit during the day, like the Mercedes Benz museum, the Porsche museum, the fantastic Public library, the Ludwigsburg Palace and the Wilhelma Zoological and Botanic Garden. The city is especially fun in the time around Christmas, as it shows the cute Christmas markets full of interesting food and mulled wine.

Student discounts in Stuttgart

All of the facilities, museums, sports halls, cinemas and theatres offer discounts for students, but many places may request to show a student card. It is possible to join student organisations like AISEC, ERASMUS or BEST, which organise travels, exchange semesters and events. Students at the Stuttgart universities are eligible for an ISIC (International Student Identity Card), which brings many discounts for events, gyms, buses and trains all over Europe. It is also possible to get a Bonus Card Culture, which is a social benefit provided by Stuttgart, as the capital of Baden-Württemberg. The bonus card is designed to help individuals to participate in cultural, sport or social activities or even get some public transport tickets within the city of Stuttgart.

Networking for students in Stuttgart

Networking and meeting likeminded individuals are essential for international newcomers. The first meetings are obviously the ones through the universities, and through university-organised events, which not only helps in meeting peers but also open the doors to future work opportunities. The universities in Stuttgart actively collaborate with the leading multinationals in the city and are an excellent place for finding ideas for future work.

Besides, meetings can be done through sport clubs, as the city offers many facilities and clubs that offer the possibility to join a team for football, basketball, hockey (or ice hockey) or handball. Many other events, like joining a Language Exchange Stuttgart community, or a community for expats (like Stuttgart Expat Meetups), can increase your chances of making friendships and finding opportunities. Platforms like Eventbrite, or fairs can also be beneficial, as the city organises plenty of fun options.

Studying in a new place and/оr on a budget is not easy. However, the city offers plenty of options for social activities for every situation. Additionally, given the excellent education provided by the universities and the vast amount of opportunities they offer, the studies are usually followed by a period of financial stability and professional advancement.

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