Stuttgart International School Comments/Experiences

Hello All
I am planning to move to Stuttgart with my family
My daughter will start high school.
Could you please share your experiences about international schools in Stuttgart
So far I found SIS Swiss, and ISS
All experiences are welcome

I have been to the ISS which seemed nice. Their main campus is in Degerloch a bit south of the center and they now have another location in Sindelfingen which is about 20 KM south of Stuttgart. I am posting the following information from their website about fees. The website anyway has an English version. The main problem people have is to afford it! Unless people have a great paying job or the employer agrees to pay the fees, most would take the good but free public schools but of course instruction is in German.
Fees fall into three categories which are only refundable under certain circumstances, an annual Application Fee of €750 per student, a one-time Admissions Fee of €7,500 and the annual Tuition Fees which vary according to the student's grade level.
The tuition fees per student for the school year 2019 - 2020 (29.08.2019 to 03.07.2020) are as follows:

Grades 6 - 8     €16,000
Grades 9 & 10     €16,500
Grades 11 & 12     €17,630

I don’t know anything specific about the SIS in the Stuttgart area. In the internet I found out that it is in Stuttgart-Fellbach which is a bit north of the city. Their concept is to teach in both German and English but not just in English. The website seems to only be in German. Seems one pays a one-time fee of 850 Euros and then grades 5 – 10 a 624 Euro/month fee, for classes 11 and 12 the fee is 655 Euros/month, plus there is a 120 Euro/month fee for their lunch.

Unless you are staying in Germany only for a limited time (up to two years, I would say) and are sure your child will have to return to your home country system afterwards, you should definitely consider putting him/her into a German public school.
The teaching quality is generally good, attendance is free of charge, your child learns German quickly and effortlessly (there are preparatory classes for foreign kids with limited or no language abilities) and, last not least, it allows your child to have a school, classmates and a social circle in the neighbourhood, which greatly eases his/her integration, wellbeing and a feeling of "home" (rather than being an outsider).

Since you are Turkish, according to your profile: There is also BIL, a school for international kids, founded by a Turkish initiative (but teaching is mainly in German) - see

Thanks for your replies.
I want my kid to continue his education in UK also Bil schools do not have a good reputation in Turkey due to incidents 2 years ago

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