school alternatives for my 9 year old in stuttgart area

hi all,

my wife will start working in metzingen next january. if everything goes well, me and my 9 year old son will join her in june,2018. he can't speak german, but we will have some german courses until then.

we need some help to decide if he can go to public school or an international one (like iss in degerloch)

any comment will be appreciated

thanks in advance

The quickest way for your son to become proficient in German, is to enroll him in a German public school....and it will cost a lot less also I think :)

Romaniac Experts Team

Just saw your entree. We're from South Africa (wife german), now live in Lörrach (left SA in 2006) area. My children goes to a german school (Christian basis) in Lörrach, and are very happy there. It might be good to join a German school but its not a fit for all. My sons grew up German (my wife german), so its bit different. It really depends on the child's character. I speak Afrikaans (Dutch) to my kids and my wife German. Kids do learn languages very quick. I've worked at the Basel international School. If you need advice let me know. You can contact me also per message here. Seems  metzingen is not far away.

The main problem with private schools is that they usually cost around 1000 euros a month. I always suggest that a child is supported as well as possible to learn as much German as possible before arriving. They can then be put in a public school, which are always free and usually good.

There is always the risk that they struggle with the language for a while and possibly end up having to repeat a school year. For some people, this might mean considering putting them into an International school for a year and then switching to a public school afterwards- if it is somehow payable. But at that age nearly all kids manage within a year to get the hang of a language unless they are having no contact with locals.

Of course one should contact the school officials to let them know of the situation. But lots of kids arrive with little German, so virtually any public school should have some experience with the situation. What one should expect is extra programs to help them learn the language – rather than that they will be provided with English or other language instruction – other than as a foreign language.

Thank you all for your feedbacks,

It seems that we will be living in Reutlingen and enrolling our son to a regular public school is the best option.(logistics and costwise)

We are looking for alternative schools with "Vorbereitungsklasse" in Reutlingen. If you have any tips about this, it will be really appreciated.

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