Student Visa to marriage

Hi everyone. I’m Buso from South Africa.
So I’m in Germany with a study Visa and my fiancé and I are getting married pretty soon. Does anyone know what should be the next steps after marriage to extend my stay in Germany and all ? Support I could get, etc ?
NB; it’s a same sex marriage. 

Thank you so much, these forums are a great help.

There are no necessary steps at all: You can just live on as before (and also extend your student visa)!
If however, you want to stop studying, you need to apply for a family reunion visa instead. Getting this within Germany is usually only possible if you married on a marriage visa - if you have none, you need to apply for the family reunion visa at the German embassy in your country. (Ask your local Auslaenderamt if there are any exceptions!).
You and your spouse also need to fulfill certain requirements (sufficient finances for survival, appropriate living space, health insurance and basic German language skills) to get a family reunion visa.

Thank you so much. I shall contact the Stadtamt for further info.

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