Is this a good Job Offer

I have got a job offer from a Company where by I will be getting around 650 Omani Rial a month.

Accommodation is being taken care of.

I am a Chartered Accountant.

1. Is it a good offer?

2. I have a decent paying job in India does it makes sense to move to Muscat with this kind of salary.

Or I should not be thinking about Money as its the beginning.

3. Can we change jobs easily?

4. Can we reject a job after accepting it? Will they ban me if yes be only i Oman or across all GCC countries?

5. Can I try to renegotiate the salary?

6. Is Muscat and this offer worth moving from Mumbai?

Hi Jayishere,

Whether the salary being offered to you is good, bad, or ugly would depend on multiple factors such as your past years' work experience, your personal track record, and others.

R.O. 650 is not a very exciting package. If you are a bachelor then it is okay, since accommodation is being provided.

Changing jobs is not possible unless the last employer gives the NOC. And in your case, your new employer would most certainly not give you the NOC ...

If you wish to know why and why not, please read the numerous other posts on the forum dealing with the very same subject.

If your employment visa gets issued and if you do not join then, of course, you could get into a variety of issues depending on how pissed off your employer gets at your rejection their offer after all the needed gets done.

There is no stopping any employee from trying to renegotiate their salary.

The last question is for you to answer.

Since you are new to this forum, you must take some time out to read the thousands of detailed and informative posts that are already available here. You will get more than the required information required for you to take an informed decision.

Hi Sumitran, I get a job offer in Oman and reading your numerous posts in the forum. You are very helpful to all.

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