Visa transfer

Hello,I work as housemaid but after long time my sponsor wants to change maid so he cancle me so i am currently trying to get Flexi visa but they sending me, not eligible yet  message. Is this mean I have no chance of getting it

Flexi visa doesn't apply for domestic staff currently.   However, there was a recent announcement that they are going to extend it to domestic workers but those ones whose visas have expired and who are here illegally.  I would suggest to go to LMRA and discuss your case.

Thank you for replying. So I went to LMRA today and they gave me there service and the medical paper and told me to come back when it's done with money, is this mean they accepting me or I'm eligible?
Edit: my visa was already canceled in September

Yes that means they are accepting you.   With the medical, they will start the process of the flexi-visa.

Thank you! I am very happy and thankful for bahrain government for making it easier for us

Hello sorry I have one more question about flexi visa
I already take medical exam and been told they will Email LMRA although it's only been a day i text them my Cpr and got reply not eligible, yet
Should I wait or go straight there in a couple of days


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