MM2H documentation issue

Hi - I would really value some advice please.  My husband has had a My Second Home visa since 2006, and in the early days I had an associated spouse visa.  My work then required me to be present in the UK for some time, so my spouse visa lapsed around 2013.  I need to renew this now, as my husband's health becomes more constrictive.

Meanwhile the original (ie. stamped) form that initiated my husband's visa has disappeared (as these things sometimes do after many years).  Agents in Penang state indicate that we need to have the original form in order for me to get a (new) spouse visa.  There is no indication about what one should do when this form is not available.

I wondered whether anyone might be able to advise how to address this?  I'm happy to go and discuss with an appropriate person within the government, but am getting nothing but dead ends at the moment.

Any advice appreciated!  many thanks

Am i reading this correct.. 
your husband is the main applicant holding mm2h, he has to have his visa valid before you can apply to renew your visa

Yes my husband has a MM2H visa and has had it continuously for 12 years or so.  In the early days I had a spouse visa associated with his.  That lapsed.  We no longer have the stamped document released against the original application. 

The issue is not that my husband will have difficulty renewing his visa - his visa is valid.
He does need to carry it over to a new passport but we've done that before with no real issues. 

The problem is that I need to get a spouse visa set up, but because I had one years ago and that's lapsed they can't tag onto that record.  The other option is to start a new spouse visa, but I believe they need the original stamped document to do that.  I'm trying to find whether there's a way round these blockers, and would be very grateful for some help on this ... many thanks in advance.

Best to call mm2H immigration and ask them

I'm not in Malaysia at the moment, and calling them is very costly from here.  That's my only backup plan though ... I was hoping someone might have encountered this situation and have some advice on what is an accepted process.  Many thanks for considering.

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