English Speaker moving to Toulon in two weeks!

Hello all!

My name is Prianka and I am moving to Toulon in two weeks! My husband, a frenchie, and I moved to France recently from Sydney, Australia, where we lived happily for three years. I am looking to make some English speaking friends.. and hopefully some French ones too once my French is up to par! Anyone living in the area want to get coffee/wine??

Hello PriankaBSL,

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Through the France expat network you can contact expat members and meet new people and make new friends  :top:

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Hi Prianka,
Are you in Toulon yet? Are still fancy to meet a new people? I live in Toulon for half year, I moved from London and  already have a few nice friends. Join us
if you would like. Here is my phone number: ***

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There's a top notch coffee place recently opened in Toulon, beans from Moxka in Lyon ( owned by NZ cpl): the latte I had matched Melbourne quality !

Hey there!
I'm new here so just wanted to say hello and hopefully make some new connections.
Looking forward to hearing from people local to Toulon : )

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