Hello! I'm lookink to meet friends to share activities

Hello everybody,

I come back to Toulon in September, I'm frenh but I 'm in Malta to improve English for 5 months and I would like to carry on when I'm back.
So if you speak English and would like improve French, we can meet to have a friendly chat, one day in French and one day in English and I can organize a group of people to do activities or visit around the area. I've already got a German friend, so please come and join us. Hope to see u soon. Marianne

Hi Marianne,

Its a great idea to organize an Expat.com meet up/ activities...

I have moved your topic on the English speaking Toulon forum for better visibility.

All the best,

Good morning,
I'm Hélène living in Toulon and did live for a time in England, Netherlands, Spain.
Like you LaPrune I would like to meet people in order to speak english (or spanish) and french for sure.
If someone is interested we can meet all together and have a friendly chat.
see you soon

Iam also interested but I know only English If some one helps me French its great.


Hello u two, I ll come back in Toulon for 15 days the 24th of july.
I suggest to u to meet each other in a nice place to have a drink.
Let me know if you agree ? Nice day. Marianne

Je sais pas si ca peut aider mais de mon coté j'ai découvert une application de partage de sorties amicales qui se lance : Rezoto. Ils sont sur Facebook et sur mobile (et sur web aussi je crois).

C'est un projet qui démarre visiblement mais en tous cas l'idée est sympa et l'appli simple à utiliser, j'ai fait 3 sorties avec eux à Nantes et les gens ont été bien accueillants, ouverts : bref, sympas...

C'est sûr que pour l'instant il n'y a pas beaucoup de sorties proposées mais bon ca va commencer à venir je pense (il y a quelques trucs à Nantes). Ca peut être un bon moyen pour vous de vous rencontrer ??

Essayez et dites moi ce que vous en pensez...

[at]AlbertNotEinstein - Can you please write in english on this Anglophone forum so that everybody may understand? :)

Thank you,


Next month I will stay approximately 4-5 days in Toulon and don't know what to do best there. I appriciate any help and will be pleased to have a friendly chat around there.

my name is Paul from Abu dhabi originally from Phils. English is my second language .I would be happy to join in your forum or group to improved language according to your interests.I will be in Toulon soon this August so I hope to meet you  soon this summer. A bientot

E mail: paulverdadero[at]hotmail.com



It would be a pleasure to meet you and talk a moment when you will come to Toulon this Sumer. Contact me then, I hope that since this Sumer I finally arrive to meet over english people for they seams to are very few...

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