english speaking people in Toulon?

Hi everyone
We are a family with 2 boys (9 and 13) who have been living in NYC area for 5 years.
We are relocating in toulon area over the summer and I am looking for english speaking people or associations in the area with the objective to continue to practice our english.
Does anyone has ideas? maybe i was thinking about having an au pair?
Thank you for your help!

Hello carolivi  :cheers:

To find an Au Pair, I suggest you place an advert in our section Au pair job offers in Toulon.

So as to meet as much as english speaking people, I invite you to check out the threads on the forum. Threads like these can help : Americans in Toulon.

Also you can locate english speaking expats through our Toulon social network engine tool.



Hi Carol,
Im also moving to Toulon on 15th AUgust with my 3 boys. They are 8,5 and 5 months.

I am british and my husband is SOuth AFrican.
We only found out we were relocating on Monday and we have no idea about what to expect.
Whenare you moving?

Hi Carolovi,

My name is july. I move to Bandol in December 2013. If you want to grab coffee or something one of this days, let me know.

Hello  I know its an old post. But If u are still looking forward to meeting an english speaker in toulon. I am readily available. An English speaker from Cameroon with a fair french level
Thank you.

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