South African from Durban relocating to Mauritius

Greetings all , I currently live in Durban South Africa and planning on relocating to Mauritius , I have been to Mauritius many times over the last 24 years on business and loved every minute of it , however the idea of relocating all of a sudden makes me nervous as my outlook now changes from a tourist to a local and I keep asking myself will I still enjoy it as much , will I meet fellow South Africans and make new friends , will I get board , is there enough to keep me busy , I love the outdoors hiking , trail running , mountain biking , running the Beach and basically everything outdoors.

I need to explore the Island to learn the lay of the land but would be far easier getting advise from those who have done it already , any advise or assistance would be highly appreciated , hope to meet some of you soon.

Cheers Derrick


You will definitely meet other SA expats as there's quite a large SA community here and I guess you will easily make new friends too.

Now whether you will get bored or not will depend on your willingness and ability to adapt to a new reality in a new country. Mauritius is tiny compared to SA (compared to most countries in the world for that matter), so even if there's a lot to do and see in Mauritius, it's definitely less than in SA.

The best thing to do is to come on an exploratory tourist trip and meet other expats who made the move.

Thanks Winston , any idea how I can take part in one of these tourist trips.

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