Wondering about the cost of medical care in Mauritius.

We are a family of 4, currently living in Canada, and wanting to make a permanent move to Mauritius. One of the big question marks is the cost of medical care.

1 - what is the average cost of local medical care for a family of 4? I know its dependant on medical history etc, but a ballpark figure would certainly help.
2- what is covered through this cost? Does it include medication for a pre-existing condition such as ADHD / high cholesterol for example?
3 - does it include dental and optometry?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Nvanderlinden and welcome to expat.com :)

Regarding your questions, I think you could take a look at our guide about the Healthcare system in Mauritius, you might find some useful info in there :)

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Thanks. I will look into it😊

Hello Nvanderlinden,

Mauritius has a hybrid healthcare system with both a government-funded public system and a private healthcare system run by private clinics and other smaller practices.

As you will be on an Occupation/resident permit, you and your family members will be entitled to state funded healthcare. But as with other expats, it's natural to go for private healthcare.

Insurance companies in Mauritius each provide different type of covers to suit different profiles of clients.
The cost will depend on your medical history, occupation, age and of course the type of cover you want...from a simple one to more elaborate packages.

If you will be working here with a company, then it's more than likely your employer will provide you and your family with a health plan.

Thank you for the information. Any chance you could provide me with a local medical insurance company name? The quote i received from the international health care is extremely expensive and we won't be able to afford it.

The Mauritius Expat Guide 2020:
https://www.expat.com/guides/guide-Maur … nglish.pdf

at page #66 ,

Hi Nvanderlinden,

You will definitely want an insurance cover in Mauritius as I think as an expat you will opt out for care in private clinics rather than our public hospital after seeing the state and the service level of our public health institutions.

I can give you an idea of some cost related to medical expenses in the private healthcare sector based on my own experience:
- Doctor consultation: generalist, between 500 to 1000 Rs. Specialist from 1200 Rs to 2000 Rs
- Dental treatment: fillings start at around 800 Rs per tooth, root canal start at 5000 Rs per tooth, crown for tooth start around 8000 Rs
- Radiography and MRI: start at 500 Rs for radiography and 5000 Rs for MRI 
- Arthroscopy intervention (joint surgery): starting price is 75000 Rs with everything included from the cost of the clinic's room, the anesthetist fee, admission in the operation theatre fee, etc...
- Eye glasses with simple correction and frames: starting price 5000 Rs
- Consultation with chiropractor / osteopath / physio: usually starts at 1000 Rs per consultation

Finally, I guess that you and your +1 will be working in Mauritius. Some employers offers medical insurance scheme to their staff and they will pay part or 100% of the monthly premium covering the cost of the medical insurance.

Hope this help.

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